Maternity Posing Guide by Jennifer Horner and Christie-Lee Johnston

Maternity Posing Guide by Jennifer Horner and Christie-Lee Johnston

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Christie from Christie-Lee Johnston Photography and Jen from Jennifer Horner Photography and Eden Elizabeth have joined forces to help YOU get the most out of your maternity sessions.  

With this purchase you'll get the guide in digital format and lifetime access to an exclusive purchasers-only FB group with Jen and Christie-Lee available for help and CC as you master your posing.


From Christie and Jen:

"As newborn photographers, we have noticed a growing trend where our clients want classic and beautiful portraits of themselves while pregnant. We have two different styles, with Christie focused mainly on studio maternity and Jen focused mainly on outdoor, on location sessions. However, the posing principles we use are the same, so we decided to pool our knowledge and experience and create this guide.

If you haven’t shot one before, maternity sessions can be a little scary. Posing adults is a whole different ball game and it can be hard to know where to start. Or perhaps you’ve been shooting maternity for a while but are stuck using the same poses over and over, and need variety to expand your galleries. This guide will help you master 10 flattering poses that your clients will love.

We have structured the guide so the pose order reflects a great session flow. This will help you streamline your session, to provide great variety with minimal movements for your client."



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